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Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire


Tree: Underwood
Latitude: 52.2045158, Longitude: -0.7345117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  1863Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I506
2 Emily  1861Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I408
3 Emma Agnes  1860Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I494
4 Phoebe  1844Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I338
5 Ashley, Elizabeth  1843Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I658
6 ashley, jane  1845Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I476
7 Ashley, Sarah  1857Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I660
8 Ashley, Thomas  1853Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I659
9 Carter, Charles  1782Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I666
10 Lack, Jabez  1837Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I554
11 Lack, James  1844Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I557
12 Lack, Jane  1847Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I558
13 Lack, Joseph  1813Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I552
14 Lack, Joseph  1842Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I556
15 Lack, Rosanna  1840Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I555
16 Lack, Thomas  1836Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I553
17 Minney, Abraham  1818Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I446
18 Minney, Bertha  1835Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I383
19 Minney, Eliza  1833Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I443
20 Minney, Eliza  1855Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I448
21 Minney, Elizabeth  1826Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I440
22 Minney, Elizabeth  1866Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I452
23 Minney, Hannah  1875Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I667
24 Minney, Harriett  1837Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I439
25 Minney, Lydia  1827Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I441
26 Minney, Samuel  1798Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I437
27 Minney, Selina  1831Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I442
28 Minney, Susannah  1840Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I444
29 Minney, Valentine  1821Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I445
30 Pettit, Agnes  1889Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I498
31 Pettit, Alice  1900Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I500
32 Pettit, Ellen  1895Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I499
33 Pettit, Jack  1886Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I497
34 Pettit, Lily J  1884Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I496
35 Pettit, Samuel  1891Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I508
36 Pettit, Tom  1883Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I495
37 Pettit, William  1888Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I507
38 Ratley, Henry  1848Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I461
39 Roberts, Elizabeth  1798Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I438
40 underwood, Ada E.  1880Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I345
41 underwood, Alfred J.  1874Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I342
42 Underwood, Ann M.  1872Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I336
43 underwood, Ann Sarah (sarah ann)  1858Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I458
44 underwood, Arthur  1869Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I365
45 underwood, Arthur Charles  1879Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I427
46 underwood, Bertha  1856Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I648
47 Underwood, Catherine  1860Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I459
48 Underwood, Charles  1883Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I488
49 underwood, David  1810Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I420
50 underwood, David  1852Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I361

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minney, Bertha  01 Nov 1835Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I383
2 Underwood, Elizabeth A,  20 Jun 1862Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I385
3 Underwood, George  20 Nov 1835Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I35
4 Underwood, Jacob  10 Nov 1822Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I26
5 Underwood, Joseph  14 May 1815Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I24
6 Underwood, Mary Anne  16 Jan 1814Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I23
7 Underwood, matilda  30 Mar 1841Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I239
8 Underwood, Samual  12 Jul 1818Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I25
9 Underwood, Thomas  04 Apr 1866Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I386
10 underwood, william  25 Dec 1843Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I475
11 Whitney, Lucy  02 Jul 1804Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 lack, john thomas  21 Mar 1956Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I259
2 Minney, Agnes  08 Aug 1987Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I474
3 underwood, David  14 Oct 1811Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I420
4 Underwood, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1838Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I412
5 underwood, mary ann  24 Aug 1921Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I176
6 underwood, Susanna  1864Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire I364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Carter, Charles  3 Apr 1853Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I666
2 lack, john thomas  Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I259
3 Lack, Joseph  13 Jun 1891Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I552
4 Minney, Hannah  12 Aug 1836Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I667
5 underwood, james  03 Jul 1859Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire I16


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Minney  1 Nov 1802Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F178
2 lack / Minney  4 qtr 1913Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F125
3 Minney / Roberts  29 Jan 1818Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F117
4 Ratley / underwood  1qrt 1871Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F120
5 Robinson / underwood  3qtr 1876Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F121
6 underwood / ashley  02 Nov 1863Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F126
7 Underwood / Boneham  22 Feb 1835Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F5
8 Underwood / Minney  21 Sep 1858Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F104
9 underwood / Minney  1qtr 1864Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F20
10 underwood / Roberts  09 Aug 1835Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F36
11 underwood / underwood  1877Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F116
12 Underwood / Whitney  10 Aug 1830Yardley hastings, Northamptonshire F127