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Emily Underwood's signature.jpg
Emily Underwood's signature.jpg
My Underwood forebears have lived mostly in Yardley Hastings Northamptonshire during the past three hundred years or so. There are some other names to think about such as, Minney, Johnson, Smart, Billingham, Brabbins, White, Toy, Drage. Other local places of interest are Grendon, Wollaston, Mears Ashby, Little Harrowden, and further a field Shoreditch London, Dimple bar Lancashire, further still Canada and as far as you can go Australia. The Australian connection came first with the transportation of George James Underwood with two of his friends in the 1840s for the killing of a game keeper. Others of their own choice following later looking for a better life. The Chambers side were I,m sorry to say very stick in the mud, living mainly in or around Hardingstone, Northamptonshire, most of that time.


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